Junior Fair Animal Exhibitors

*This is now closed. Thank you for adding your projects. Buyers can add-on by clicking here.

Preparing for the Add-On Sale

Now that you are on the Miami County Fair website, click here to begin.

  • Go to the top right corner and click, sign in.
  • From the drop down menu select exhibitor.
  • Type the exhibitor’s first and last name in the boxes on the screen.
  • Click the option that states, I have previously registered this year.
  • Add the generic password   (yes, the letter "a")
  • ○ Exhibitors have the option to change the password once logged in.
  • Select the grey button on the bottom of the page that states, edit information.
  • ○ Add the exhibitor’s address, email address and phone number. This is also where the exhibitor may choose to change the generic password.
  • ○ After confirming changes click, continue, continue and then check out.
  • ○ Type YES in the box at the bottom of the screen and select.
  • ○ Select Finish.
  • Click on Hello, Exhibitor Name and then Your Past Transactions.
  • On the left side of the screen click on the blue button; upload files.
  • The next screen that appears will be green. On this screen you are able to upload a picture of the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s project and a short bio. It is strongly recommended to add parent names in this section to aid the buyers. Click done when complete.

Preparing for the Animal Exhibitor Add-On Sale Instructions - DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE VERSION

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