All animal exhibitors (new for 2024) must attend a Quality Assurance Session within the State of Ohio to exhibit an animal at the Miami County Fair. Exhibitors of swine must also receive PQA certification with the required Quality Assurance. The session must be put on by a qualified instructor. Exhibitors of the ages 12-18 have the option to take a test given by a qualified instructor to test out of Quality Assurance. The Miami County 4H Extension Office will be providing test-out appointments (month of February) and (3) Quality Assurance sessions. The Extension Office will submit exhibitor's names to the Fair Office.

Exhibitors of the Miami County Fair who choose to attend Quality Assurance & PQA sessions given by instructors other than the Miami County 4H Extension Office must provide a certificate form from the instructor. The form must state the instructor’s name, location, date of session and instructor’s phone number. This form is to be submitted with exhibitor’s entry form no later than June 1.

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide the form at the time of entries, only cattle exhibitors do not have to turn in a form with entry; cattle exhibitors must have certificate turned in by June 1. Forms will only be accepted with entry forms (cattle due by June 1). Exhibitors that attend Quality Assurance provided by the Miami County Extension 4H Office are not required to provide a certificate with an entry form as the Ag Society will have records of attendance provided by the Extension Office. Parents of exhibitors are NOT required to attend Quality Assurance sessions.

The ODA requires exhibitors to complete QA a minimum of 45 days prior to exhibition.

DATES and options

Watch the Miami County Extension Office Facebook page and website for dates and options.

For Quality Assurance questions, contact:

Jessica Adams
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences O.S.U. Extension, Miami County
510 W. Water Street, Suite 250, Troy, Ohio 45373
937-440-3945 Office