How to Buy a Jr Fair Animal


The Sale Will Be Conducted Using the Premium Bid System

1. Attend one or all the livestock sales and place your own bid or contact another buyer to place your bid.

2. There are two (2) ways to obtain a buyer’s number:

  • a. Pre-register online until August 9th at or at the fair office during normal office hours. Proper ID will be required to pick up a buyer’s number the day of the sale.
  • b. When you arrive at the livestock sale, obtain a buyer's number from the sale clerks to bid on the animal of your choice. Proper ID will be required to register.

3. When you spot an animal that you want to purchase, bid by contacting the ring man or holding up your buyer's number. Prices are bid per lot. Most lots will consist of a single animal but some lots will consist of multiple animals (such as a pen of three rabbits, pen of two chickens or a pen of two lambs). Each lot will receive one premium bid price.

4. If you are the winning bidder you will be asked if you want to “truck” or “pen” the animal. If you tell them to “truck” the animal, that means that the animal/meat goes to the packer and you only pay the bid price. If you tell them to “pen” the animal, which means that you want the animal/meat and you will pay the bid price plus the market value of the animal. The market value of the animals will be determined and posted before the sale.

  • a. Poultry – we cannot place a market value on poultry so, all poultry remains the property of the exhibitor.
  • b. Rabbits – we cannot place a market value on rabbits so, all rabbits remain the property of the exhibitor.

5. Add-ons will be accepted at the clerk’s desk behind the auctioneer’s podium. The cutoff time for add-ons will be one (1) hour after the close of the sale.

6. If you purchased an animal and had it “penned”, it is the responsibility of you the buyer to arrange and pay for trucking and slaughter of the animal.

7. Even splits will be accepted with a $250.00 minimum bid per buyer’s number. No uneven splits will be accepted.

8. All purchases through the 2019 Miami County Jr. Fair Livestock Sale will be invoiced. Add-on amounts will start with a $20.00 minimum and go in $10.00 increments. Invoices not paid by October 1, 2019 will be charged a $50.00 per month late fee.

Junior Fair Livestock Buyers receive these important benefits if paid by October 1, 2019:

1. A listing of this year's Miami County Junior Fair Livestock Sales Buyers appearing in next year’s Miami County Fair Premium Book.

2. Miami County Junior Livestock Buyers Sign displayed at next year's Miami County Fair.

3. Buyers who spend over $250.00 (total) at this year’s Miami County Junior Fair Livestock Sale will receive a week long fair admission pass to next year’s fair.

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