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August 14-20, 2020


John F Rowley, III (Uncle Bo)


John F Rowley, III (Uncle Bo) is Miami County’s Fair Supporter Of The Year…..No matter who you ask about “Uncle Bo” the answer is always the same – He does what is needed for families and kids.” Uncle Bo worked at Dayton Children’s Hospital for over 40 years and learned early on that it’s the little things you do for a family in their worse times that can turn their life around and make a difference.

Uncle Bo has carried that lesson throughout his life – he has over twenty (20) nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews and friend’s children who he devotes his time to.

You will find him at the fairgrounds no matter what is going on; doing the “little things” so that parents can devote their time to their children. This may be at weigh in, 4-H Bar B Q or any other event or activity that is taking place.

He feels families are stronger when parents and children work together and if he can “free up” the parents by doing the background jobs; he will do it.

He hears we need fences painted, barns cleaned, etc.; he will be the first to show up and start working. You never have to ask for his help – he is just there willing to do what is needed.

One person commented that he is also an “anonymous” donor to the livestock sale each year; making sure the youth are taken care of.

One thing that stands out from talking to John F Rowley, III is that he feels strongly that whenever you help someone; it comes back 10 fold in a way to make your life better.

He also believes that every year he helps someone; there is something positive that happens in his life.

One of his quotes is “It’s the little things you do that make you realize why you were put on this earth.” He also lives by the quote that “a person never stands so tall as when they stoop over to help a child.”

We need more “Uncle Bo’s in our lives and Miami County is proud to have John F Rowley III as our Uncle Bo.





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