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ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY. If you need assistance we invite you to call or come to the office for assistance. 937-335-7492

  1. Reserved parking permit fee is $30.00. Parking permit fees cover the time period from Friday, August 9, 2024 through Thursday, August 15th, 2024.  
  2. Parking permits may be picked up at the Secretary’s office beginning August 1, 2024. Parking permits must be always displayed in vehicles while in their reserved space.
  3. No camping in the parking areas. No campers or livestock trailers with or without sleeping quarters permitted in the parking lot overnight.
  4. Campers or livestock trailers are not to be parked in reserved parking areas of the fairgrounds.
  5. All NSF checks are subject to a $30 return check fee and could be subject to loss of parking spot.

2024 Parking Committee: Austin Butler.

*Contact the office if you have questions or concerns. 937-335-7492